Let the Jalapeno open your eyes

Men to 900 and women need 700 micrograms of vitamin A per day, which plays a vital role in eye health and visual acuity.

Jalapeno pepper is a rich source, and only one of them can provide 17% of the vitamin A needed by men or 22% of the vitamin A needed  by women. Tomato also contains this vitamin, and its composition with jalapeno is a major part of the body’s needs. Recently, the same combination was introduced in a product called Jalapeno Tomato Sauce, which is the perfect choice for those looking for a delicious yet tasty butterfly.

Turkey Liver Most animals’ livers are filled with vitamins and minerals. They can be prepared by steaming or frying with onions and different nutritious herbs. Which is what makes this source a rather delicious food rich in vitamin A.Make them your delicious turkey dinner. You can also add turkey liver to the gravy or stuff them to gain many vitamins and minerals. 100-gram turkey liver will provide you 1507% of the Vitamin A needed every day. 100 grams Turkey Liver contain 273 calories.

Beef Liver When we speak of foods rich in vitamin A, how can we leave behind the beef liver? The liver is the richest source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They have been used for many centuries to cure anemia. A 100-gram beef liver will provide you 300% of your needed Vitamin A for a day. 100 grams of Beef Liver contains 135 calories.

Whole Milk Whole milk is even tastier than skimmed milk, as it is rich and creamy. Whole milk has more nutritional value than skimmed milk. One cup of whole milk contains a good amount of calcium, protein, Vitamins D, A, and magnesium. It also contains fat that can be consumed in moderate quantity.

Dried Basil Vitamin A is filled with antioxidants which are essential for vision. This is useful for proper maintenance of healthy mucus membranes and skin. Dried basil is rich in Vitamin A, which will prevent your body against lung and oral cavity cancers. This dried basil has a very versatile taste and flavor that can be added to most of the dishes you prepare. Add them to any foods to get Vitamin A and for taste enhancement. 100-gram dried basil will give you 15% of the daily needed amount of Vitamin A.

 Iceberg Lettuce Dark green leafy vegetables are the healthiest foods.  Light green Iceberg lettuce is also the richest source of Vitamin A. They can be added to your salads and sandwiches to get your everyday requirement of Vitamin A. One cup Iceberg lettuce will give you10 calories, and various other essential vitamins and minerals required.

Peas Add these sweet green peas to your side dish of any dish as a healthy dietary supplement. One ½ cup pea can give 134% of the required value of Vitamin A, and 62 calories. They also contain a good amount of Vitamins K, C, and B.

Spinach Add spinach to your daily diet for a healthy life. One-cup spinach can provide 49% of the daily needed value of Vitamin A. Spinach is also the richest source of Vitamin C, manganese, iron, Vitamin K, and calcium.

 Carrots Carrots often come to the mind when you think of Vitamin A and eye health. They are thought to be the best remedy to improve eye vision with many other health benefits. One carrot will give you 200% of daily advised vitamin A. Carrots also contain vitamins B, C, K, magnesium, and fiber in large quantity.

 Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes are delicious in taste and have high nutritive value. One sweet potato will give 438% of the daily needed Vitamin A and 103 calories.

Mangoes Mangoes are the most loved fruits in any part of the world. They have sweet, juicy, tangy taste. This can be added to the main dish or in desserts. It is filled with nutrients and vitamins that promote a healthy diet. One cup mango can give 36% of the daily needed amount of Vitamin A and 107 calories.

Peaches Peach has a very delicious flavor and has excellent nutritional value. Peaches contain a good amount of magnesium, Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron. One peach can provide 10% of the daily needed Vitamin A and 59 calories.

Red Bell Pepper Bell peppers make a delicious vegetable that is consumed raw or cooked. Raw bell peppers are crispy in texture and can be used in salads and dips. Cooked bell peppers have smoky, sweet taste that is used to enhance the taste of other dishes. Red Bell peppers have a mildly sweet taste that is used to prepare pimentos and paprika. Red peppers can also be added to veggie dip, scrambled eggs, and pasta dishes. This contains many health benefits, as they are a rich source of antioxidants such as Vitamin A, lycopene, Vitamin C.

 Grapefruit Juice Grapefruit juice has good nutrients like potassium, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, phosphorus, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A, and phytonutrients. These essential nutrients support the immune system of your body to fight against illnesses and healthy and strong life.

Fortified Oatmeal Oatmeal is consumed as a staple breakfast in countries. It is filled with nutrients and is the richest source of dietary fiber. They contain a fair amount of phosphorus, potassium, minerals, and iron. Oatmeal can give you 29% of the daily needed vitamin A and 159 calories.

Paprika Paprika is the most popular spice used in South American, Sri Lankan, Indian, and Spanish cuisine. They have a fiery, pungent taste that can be added to your any favorite dish for health benefits and as a taste enhancer. One tablespoon will give 69% of the daily needed Vitamin A. this also has potassium, calcium, and Vitamin C.

Cantaloupe They contain juicy flesh with a sweet smell and are bright yellow-orange in color. They can cure and prevent your body from various diseases. Cantaloupes are low in calories and fat. They have numerous essential vitamins and nutrients that promote good health. They have yummy flavor and can be used in fruit salad, snack, or dessert. One wedge of Cantaloupe will give you120% of the needed Vitamin A for the day and 23 calories.

Dried Apricots Dried apricots are a delicious snack, and they contain many nutrients, antioxidants, and energy. Dried apricots are also the richest source of Vitamin A. One cup of dried apricot can give you 94% of the needed Vitamin A and 313 calories.

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