21 February 2023

Eggplant Puree

Mahram’s vegetable & bean based canned product are made from grade one raw materials and are produced in a controlled and regulated safe setting. History: The […]
11 October 2022

Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha is a type of hot sauce made from chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. Sriracha is thick and more garlicky, with a pronounced sweetness […]
26 July 2022

Reduced fat Mayonnaise

The first trace of the word ‘mayonnaise’ is in a jelly recipe found in 1806. However, this recipe included no egg, which is the main ingredient […]
29 March 2022

Thai sauce

Our Thai sauce is a bit sweet with pepper and garlic. It is noramlly used as a seasoning for fish and seafood, and sometimes will be […]
10 January 2022


History: The Romans were probably the first to experiment with the preparation of mustard as a condiment. A recipe for mustard appears in De re coquinaria, […]
10 January 2022

Nacho cheese dip

Our nacho cheese dip is made of processed cheddar cheese, pepper, and a number of spices; it is used with tortilla chips, fries, chips, crackers, and […]
10 January 2022

Salsa Sauce

Our salsa is a mix of peppers, fresh tomatoes, and a variety of spices; it accompanies tortilla and other kinds of chips. The aroma and flavor […]
10 January 2022

Olivier Sauce

Olivier Sauce, which is a mixture of mayonnaise, pickles, carrots, vegetables, and spices, is perfect for Olivier Salad; it improves the color and taste of the […]
10 January 2022

Bandari Mixed Pickles

Pickles have always been of interest to the general public, especially Iranians, and since ancient times, grandmother’s pickles have been referred to as “the best pickles […]