knock down the cancer

“The easiest and least expensive way to reduce your risk for cancer is just by eating a healthy diet.”

Here is an overview of ten important cancer fighting foods to include in your diet on a regular basis:

Jalapeno PepperJalapeno Pepper  Slows down the growth of cancerous tumors. This pepper contains a substance called capsaicin (Capsaicin), which has antioxidant properties and protects the cells from free radicals. Studies have shown that capsaicin prevents the growth of proteins that cause tumor enlargement in the natural treatment of cancer.

Garlic – Garlic contains a number of compounds that can protect against cancer, especially that of the skin, colon, and lungs.

Grapes – Grapes is a very potent antioxidant that can prevent cell damage before it begins.

Green Tea – The flavonoids in green tea have been shown to slow or prevent the development of several types of cancer including colon, liver, breast, and prostate.

Tomatoes – The compound lycopene, (which is most easily absorbed from cooked tomatoes) has been shown to prevent prostate cancer, as well as cancer of the breast, lung, and stomach.

Blueberries – Of all the berries, blueberries are the richest in cancer fighting compounds.  They are beneficial in the prevention of all types of cancer.

Flax seeds – Flax contains lignans, which can have an antioxidant effect and block or suppress cancerous changes.  The omega-3 fatty acids can also help protect against colon cancer.

Mushrooms – Many mushrooms contain compounds that can help the body fight cancer and build the immune system as well.

Calciferous Vegetables – Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts contain strong antioxidants that may help decrease cancer risk.

Whole Grains – Whole grains contain a variety of anti-cancer compounds including antioxidants, fiber, and phytoestrogens.  These can help decrease the risk of developing most types of cancer.

Remember, along with a healthy diet, a physically active lifestyle is important for cancer prevention as well.

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