Sour Orange Juice


This product is from direct squeezing of fresh oranges, with natural flavor and aroma, and which can be used as seasoning for a variety of foods. This delicious and unique natural juice is one of the products produced in the Limondis factory (subsidiary of Mahram Group), located in Shiraz, and it can be supplied all over Iran under the Mahram brand. All juices Mahram (including lemon juice with special taste and excellent quality, sour orange juice and natural verjuice) and the sub-category of pickled products are also produced by Limondis factory. The production line of these products is fully mechanized and the products are produced and packaged with the freshest and highest quality raw materials and with high quality standards.

And as for the uses and properties of orange juice, Mahram says that this product is the best and most natural seasoning for flavoring all kinds of grilled meats and foods such as grilled chicken, which besides making them tasty and attractive by preserving all the properties and vitamins of oranges. It is also associated with many healing properties.

Ingredient:Sour orange juice,Antioxidant,(Sodium metabisulfite 250 ppm) ADI bw:0.7mg/kg