Ketchup is one of our tomato products, which customers enjoy with potatoes, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Mahram has won over generations of customers with its ketchup, which it has been producing for half a century. Mahram’s packaging and bottling makes fans nostalgic for their childhood memories with pizzas and sandwiches; with Mahram ketchup!.


ketchup or tomato sauce, unlike its relatively simple ingredients, has made a long journey. The name appears to come from Chinese Mandarin, meaning a fish sauce. But until the end of the nineteenth century in Europe, every sauce that was made from mushrooms, vinegar or even walnuts was called ketchup. What is known today as ketchup, in Britain and Europe was called red sauce or tomato sauce. After the nineteenth century and after World War II, the spread of American culture around the world replaced the red sauce with ketchup. Using ketchup in the early seventies in all American cuisine was commonplace. So that when Richard Nixon, the US president, said in an interview that his favorite breakfast was cheese and ketchup, nobody laughed at him.
Ketchup is basically cooked tomato, but various ingredients such as vinegar, garlic and different spices may be added, and it is served with several meat and vegetable dishes.

Ingredient: Tomato Paste, Sugar, Vinegar, Glucose, Syrup, Salt, Starch,Stabilizer ,Spice, Water