Ramadan with these 5 Delectable Iftar Recipes

Ramadan is considered as the holy month for the Muslims across the globe. Each year, Ramadan knocks the door as a true spiritual blessing for millions of Muslims worldwide. According to Islam, the primary purpose for this month is to get intact towards a right path and follow the teachings of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). A regular day of Ramadan starts with Sehri and Fajar Namaz, and as the sun rises, Muslims are bound to follow a proper fast until the sunset as the fast is broken on the Azaan of Maghrib by doing Iftar.

The Iftar is a complete package of celebrating with awesome food as a result of complete day fasting. Traditionally, we follow Sunnah of our Holy Prophet PBUH, and break our Roza with dates and milk. The menu of the Iftar is really something special that almost every person looks forward to, especially after a tiresome day of fasting in hot Summer season.

Let us have a look at the most famous and mouthwatering Iftar recipes for Ramadan  that is going to fill your appetite:

Russian Salad

Russian salad depicts its origin by its name. It is known as Olivier Salad in Russia. The salad is a perfect count of calories as it consists of boiled potatoes, grapes, apple, carrots and various other fruits as per your taste, mixed altogether with cream or mayonnaise. Addition of boiled chicken and peas gives it a rich taste. It makes a perfect diet to intake after a tiresome day

Chicken Manchurian

One of the most popular Chinese dishes that is served across the country and loved by every one is Chicken Manchurian. This dish is a complete treat for Iftar. The recipe is prepared with the help of basic ingredients such as black pepper, ginger & garlic paste, ketchup, other basic spices and chicken cutlets. It is best served with boiled rice


Chicken Biryani

The hot favorite recipe among all the foodies that is enjoyed most at the time of Iftar is Chicken Biryani. This dish is so much mouthwatering and a complete package of joy to please your taste buds. Chicken Biryani is made with the help of basic ingredients and it won’t take that much of your time as well


Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora is a perfect snack for Iftar that is going to fill your hunger cravings at dinner. It is a must present dish on the dinner table of every home at Iftar. You definitely need to enjoy this mouthwatering and tasty snack during Iftar with ketchup. The dish is very easy to be made at home as the ingredient required for this dish are so basic, such as chopped chicken, basic chilies, chickpea flour. All you need to do is make a paste of all the ingredients and deep fry it in the cooking oil


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