Salad Bar Maharm

Do you know about SaladBar Mahram

Here we introduce these product:

Ranch Sauce

Our ranch dressing can be used as a salad dressing or as a dip with raw vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and celery. This product is made from dairy, salt, garlic, and vegetable products.

Italian Sauce

Mahram has also produced this type of sauce to complete the product portfolio and to meet the needs of its customers. Mehram Italian sauce is fat-free and the main ingredient of this sauce, in addition to vinegar, is a variety of fragrant vegetables, sugar, salt and.. The taste of this sauce is sour and sweet and it is used in Iranian culture for a variety of salads and appetizers. The fat-free properties of Italian sauce make it one of the healthiest sauces in the world, and consumers looking for healthy, low-calorie meals can use it as a garnish for salads and salads.

Caesar Sauce

Caesar salad is one of the most delicious and popular salads. This salad can be considered a complete meal. The deliciousness of this salad actually depends on its sauce, which is known as Caesar sauce. This sauce has a special and unique taste.

Garlic Sauce

The main ingredient of this sauce is finely chopped garlic, which is mixed with mayonnaise, so it has an attractive aroma and taste for garlic lovers. This sauce can be used to add flavor to many seafood, steaks, chicken, eggs and vegetables.

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