pickled olive


Olive is one of the most delicious and useful foods that can be eaten with main dishes. This fruit, in addition to doubling the pleasure of eating, has a very high nutritional value and can guarantee human health against some ailments.

Olives have different colors such as green, yellow, red, purple and black, the most important of which are green and black olives. These two are different types of olives and, contrary to popular belief, black olives do not come from fully ripening green olives. Despite this difference in type and color, both are almost the same and the only difference is that black olives are fattier than green olives.

Mahram company has been able to process, package and distribute this valuable fruit in the form of products such as colossal olives, Iranian special olives, salted olives, and Greek Olive and Gilani Olive, by using experienced workers and industrial lines with advanced and up-to-date technologies.

Ingredient:Green Olive,Salt4%,Vinegar11%,Water