Lemon juice


Mahram lemon juice is directly squeezed from fresh Shirazi lemons, possessing all the nutritious properties of fresh lemons. With equipped juicing device Lemon’s extract and packed and sent to the market with the use of equipped juicing devices, so that they are available to consumers with excellent quality.

The most important thing that a consumer should pay attention to when buying is the natural color of lemon juice, which is yellow or amber yellow according to the standard of Iran’s General Directorate of Standards. Another characteristic of lemon juice is the natural taste of lemon, which is a slightly bitter sourness that is caused by the essential oils in the lemon peel. Also, the essential oils in the lemon peel, which enter the lemon juice during juicing, have many antiseptic properties and also protect vitamin C. It preserves it. Another characteristic of a natural lemon juice is its smell, which must have a natural sour lemon smell, and Mahram lemon juice has all these characteristics.

Mahram lemon juice has sediment or soluble solids in it, unfortunately, common people think that the less these solids in lemon juice, the better, but according to the standard, the minimum sediment in each liter of lemon juice is 8 grams, and this amount can be more. It depends on the quality of the lemon and the naturalness of the lemon juice. Some of this sediment that settles at the bottom of the glass is completely natural due to the suspending property of lemon juice, and it is allowed up to 5% according to the standard. Therefore, it can be said that lemon juice that lacks these characteristics should be doubted in its naturalness.

]Ingredient:Lime Juice, Antioxidants (Sodium Metabisulfite 200 ppm), ADI bw:0.7 mg/kg,