Italian Sauce


Mahram has also produced this type of sauce to complete the product portfolio and to meet the needs of its customers. Mehram Italian sauce is fat-free and the main ingredient of this sauce, in addition to vinegar, is a variety of fragrant vegetables, sugar, salt and.. The taste of this sauce is sour and sweet and it is used in Iranian culture for a variety of salads and appetizers. The fat-free properties of Italian sauce make it one of the healthiest sauces in the world, and consumers looking for healthy, low-calorie meals can use it as a garnish for salads and salads.


Italian sauce production dates back to 1948 in Kansas, USA. This sauce was first proposed by the Lenasolumi family, which was a mixture of vinegar, oil, a variety of vegetables and spices. After that, due to the increasing demand for salad dressings, this sauce was produced on a larger scale. Italian sauce is a vinegar-based sauce that has been hailed as one of the low-calorie salad dressings around the world, including the United States and Canada. One of the prominent features of this sauce is the taste and aroma of vegetables that can be used for different types of recipes. Italian sauce has a low concentration and is clear and almost orange in color. Vinegar or lemon juice, sugar, spices, vegetables and salt are the main ingredients of this sauce.

Ingredient: Vinegar, Glucose syrup, Sugar, Salt, Spice, Lactic acid, Stabilizer, Vegetables , Sodium benzoate (350 ppm), Potassium sorbate(350ppm), Water