Canned Pickled Cucumber (Grade one)


Mahram pickles are made from the best variety of cucumbers, and are produced and supplied to meet the differing tastes of customers.

It is interesting to know that the cucumber seeds used to prepare pickled cucumbers are different from the cucumber seeds for raw food and greenhouse cucumbers. The characteristic shape of Mahram pickled cucumbers is small and pencil-shaped, their ends are slightly bitter and have a dense and better texture than other cucumbers (which are hollow and larger).

Cucumber cultivation season is twice a year, including summer cultivation (from late July) and autumn cultivation (November). Cucumbers are prepared in the second half of the year from Qir and Karzin cities, which are among hot cities in Fars province. The seeds of these cucumbers are planted in autumn.

“Crispyness” is one of the most important features of Mahram pickled cucumbers, which, along with the special type of cucumber used in it, makes this product distinct. In the pasteurization stage (where cucumbers are heated at a high temperature), the faster the cooling time of pickled cucumber jars (to which garlic, tarragon, pepper and vinegar are added), the crispier the product becomes.

Ingredients:Cucumber,Distillation Vinegar 11%,Refined edible Salt up to 3/5%,Garlic ,pepperوTarragon,Water