What’s Your Salad Sign

Your salad style has a lot to do with your zodiac sign. How accurate is your salad sign?

Aquarians tend to be “team-players.” As such, they prefer the most popular salad dressing flavor, Ranch. Aquarians are most likely of all polled to try to maintain a balance of healthy eating. They prefer leisure and social activities and are Mixers, which means they mix their salad dressing to coat every item in their salad bowl.

Pisces prefer physical activity in their spare time and like activities that some may consider risky-rock climbing, mountain biking and other extreme sports. Although more likely to be male and ultra-competitive, Pisces prefer individual activities with little or no competition. Their taste buds turn to Italian dressing.

Aries are health-conscious, which makes sense, as they are more partial to low-fat vinaigrettes. People born under the sign of Aries like to eat salads more often than those born under other signs (4 times per week whereas most eat them 3 times a week). Aries are also not into temptation-they only have two flavors of salad dressing on hand instead of the 3 or 4 that most others have in their fridge. Aries also prefer physical activities and mentally challenging activities as hobbies and enjoy intense competition.

Taureans prefer creative activities as hobbies and tend to have jobs in business and financial operations. They are the most likely to use Ranch dressing on a regular basis. They see themselves as “team players” and hold professional occupations, including specialty and technical positions.

Geminis prefer homebody leisure activities such as reading or gardening when they have free time. The “twins” sign is never satisfied to do one thing for long, however, and is apt to sample many different salad dressing flavors and never settle on a favorite. Most Geminis hold professional occupations and are not crazy about taking risks.

Cancers are most likely to enjoy Blue Cheese dressing and are usually dippers, which mean you’ll often see them dipping their salad into salad dressing which they order “on the side.” They tend to eat whatever they want and not worry about the balance of their diet. Cancers either thrive on intense competition or are very stressed out by it and those who enjoy competition usually hold jobs in sales.

Leos are open to activities that may be considered risky but with the proper training are safe, such as Bungee jumping and rock climbing. Their curiosity is also expressed through their love of physical hobbies such as exercising, biking or hiking. Leos are Mixers and are evenly split among Italian, Blue Cheese and French dressings.

Virgos are focused on eating healthful, balanced meals and have salads at least 3 times per week. Their flavor of choice is Ranch with Italian as the runner-up. They tend to be toppers, which mean they pour their dressing on top of their salads and eat from the top of the salad down to the plate. Virgos see themselves as team players and enjoy a mix of social, leisure and physical activities.

Libras are Mixers, which means they mix their salad dressing evenly throughout their salad and are most likely to use Italian. Libras are more open to cultural events as hobbies than their other sign-mates. Libras are risk-averse and admit to eating a careful combination of healthy and indulgent foods, just to be safe.

Scorpios are more likely to engage in dipping than the average person. And, after Ranch dressing, Scorpios prefer Italian. Scorpios are most likely to be younger women and have children. They are team players and tend to be highly educated, have higher incomes and be Internet savvy.

Sagittarians like French best. French dressing users are more likely to be Toppers and are risk-averse. They instead prefer individual, creative activities with no competition. Sagittarians either love competition or hate it and are more likely to be female. Sagittarians are likely to hold professional or technical jobs.

Capricorns like variety. Their love of variety makes them flexible and changeable and the life of the party. They’re always trying new things and, therefore, tend to have a lot of different salad dressing flavors on hand at any given time. Visit the cupboard or fridge of your Capricorn friends if you want variety-they have at least four different salad dressings in there at any given time.

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