Tomato Paste


Mahram tomato paste is made from the same high quality tomatoes used in our ketchup. This product delivers unique flavor and color to your food.

Mahram tomato paste is prepared from fresh and high-quality tomatoes using modern machinery, as well as with a low heat process, to preserve the color, taste and nutritional properties of tomatoes. This product has the highest suitable Brix among other brands in the market and does not contain any preservatives, so after opening the product lid, it must be kept in the refrigerator during the consumption period and a 100% clean spoon should be used to remove the product. To prevent it from becoming moldy. On the other hand, Mahram tomato paste is very affordable due to its high and good color, and due to maintaining the quality of color and taste in food, it is appreciated and welcomed by women cooks and professional cooks

Ingredient:Tomato Paste,Salt (Max 1.5%) , Brix: 26.5-28.5