Bandari Mixed Pickles


Pickles have always been of interest to the general public, especially Iranians, and since ancient times, grandmother’s pickles have been referred to as “the best pickles ever consumed”. As a result, these products have always been present on the table of Iranians. Pickles have a wide range, each of which gives us a pleasant feeling with its good taste. Pickles can be prepared from all fruits, and one of the ways to preserve fruits is to pickle them. In the pickling process, greens and vegetables change very slightly and their nutritional value and properties are preserved. The production unit of Limondis Company, the producer of Mahram pickles and pickles, is located in Shiraz city and produces products of the best vegetables and fruits of high quality.

Since 2012, Mahram company has been producing its pickled and salty products in the factory of Limondis company in Shiraz. Since 2016, the devices have been updated and the production line has been completely mechanized; This means that all stages of production of these products – including baking, mixing, filling, etc. – are completely done with modern machinery.

Mahram Company; The first producer of industrial Bandari pickles in Iran

This pickle is one of the best-selling pickles produced in this company since 1379 until now, with Mahram’s special spices (which are ground and mixed in the factory) and with processed aromatic red pepper and tomato paste, a very tasty, delicious and It has attracted the attention of the people of Iran, especially the people of the south of the country. As its name suggests, the origin of this pickle is Bandar Abbas and Bushehr, and large quantities of it are exported every year. The vinegar used in Mahram pickles is also distilled and has a much higher quality than traditional vinegar.

Ingredient: Disitillation Vinegar 11%, Pickeld Cucumber, Eggplant, Carrot, Cauliflower, Shallot.Tomato paste- Brix: 32%, Refined edible salt up to 2%, Red Pepper, Aromatic Vegetables, Water