Mayonnaise is not as bad for your health as you might think — if you control the portion size

Mayonnaise is not as bad for your health as you might think — if you control the portion size

Posted in 2018-09-15 12:30:13

One tablespoon of mayonnaise has 90 calories, and if that’s all you’re using, you’re making a relatively healthy choice. “It’s high in fat but not saturated fat. “The problem with regular mayonnaise is people cannot stick to one tablespoon and therefore they end up adding a lot of calories to a meal.”

Mayonnaise at restaurants, can get tricky, though. “If you’re going to order out something like a tuna fish salad or an egg salad or a chicken salad, chances are, you’re getting a lot of calories and a lot of fat.”

Still though, it’s a lesser of evils, “It’s good for your heart and is absolutely, head and shoulders above all the other kinds of fats that the restaurant industry is adding to foods like cheese and sour cream and cream cheese.”

Unlike many other foods marketed to dieters, low-fat mayo is actually a healthier choice.

While you can’t depend on a restaurant to use a low-fat version, you can choose that option in your own home. Although many low-fat foods make up for lost flavor with sugar, low-fat mayo is an exception. “Low-fat mayonnaise is actually a healthier alternative, nothing that Mahram’s low-fat version has less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Egg-free mayonnaise not only exists, it actually tastes good.

Mahram B+ Mayo, for example, is made with Oil, water, suger, vinegar,reduced sodium, and spices. “It’s delicious,”. A Serious Eats taste test in February found that B+ Mayo was even tastier than real mayonnaise.

Egg-free mayo is still high in calories: “Don’t be fooled because now all of a sudden it’s vegan. It’s still 48 calories per tablespoon.”


۱۰ Things You Only Understand If You’re Obsessed With Mayo

۱.You still remember the first time you tasted it.

۲.It’s the first thing you check for when you go to someone’s house.

۳.Because you feel like you just can’t relate to people who don’t like it.

۴.You add it to ~literally~ everything.

۵.And you won’t even consider eating something without it.

۶.You’ve started carrying emergency sachets with you everywhere you go.

۷.As much as you try to fight it, you can’t help but empathise with these criminals:

۸. You’re always experimenting with new flavour combinations

۹. You can’t stand it when places charge you extra for it

۱۰.Nothing ruins your day like finding an empty mayo bottle in your fridge.

If you’re forced to eat a boring, mayo-less meal, it makes you contemplate where your life went wrong.


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