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Here we introduce these product:


BBQ Sauce

Kebab is a part of Iranian culture that this sauce multiplies the pleasure of eating meat products. Its dark color and smoky taste give a pleasant taste to the product. Due to its smoky and rich taste, this sauce can be used to marinate meat and also because of its light texture, it can be used as a dip next to kebab. For those who like the smoky taste, it can also be used with pizza, burgers and chips.

Ketchupeno Sauce

Jalapeno ketchup is one of the new products in our Mexican category; this product is a combination of our famous Mahram Ketchup and and fresh slices of jalapeno peppers, and it possesses a spicy and mild flavoring.

Hot Ketchup Sauce

Hot Ketchup is one of our tomato products, which customers enjoy with potatoes, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Mahram has won over generations of customers with its ketchup, which it has been producing for half a century. Mahram’s packaging and bottling makes fans nostalgic for their childhood memories with pizzas and sandwiches; with Mahram ketchup!.

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