What is Chili Mayo

Chili mayo is the favorite dipping sauce of millions of people. Whether it’s a burger, sandwich, fries, or sushi, you can serve spicy mayo sauce with anything you want.

Spicy mayo is an all-purpose sauce made of chili and mayonnaise. While mayonnaise gives a smooth flavor to the sauce, chili provides a spicy kick. Additionally, chili mayo includes seasoning, which is a mixture of different spices. And chili mayo is made by whipping all of the above ingredients together.

Nutritional Information for Spicy Mayo

One tablespoon of spicy mayo, weighing 15g, contains 7.35 g of total carbs. 0.72g carbs from sugars.

Is chili mayo healthy?

Chili mayo is also not-so-healthy. “chili mayo is still mayo so it has a similarly high concentration of fat, but it has less fat that real mayonnaise

Can You Eat Spicy Mayo on Keto?

Is spicy mayo keto friendly? Yes, it is. Since it has only 7.35 g carb per tablespoon, you can consume it while following the keto friendly diet.

Additionally, it contains 7.35g of fat that gives you energy in the absence of carbs. All-in-all, we can say, spicy mayo is a good keto food.

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