Do you put BBQ sauce on chicken wings before or after baking?

For ultimate crispiness, put the barbecue sauce on AFTER baking, then serve right away.


Can you put BBQ sauce on raw chicken wings?

Some recipes call for baking/grilling chicken wings in BBQ sauce. My method involves baking the wings first to guarantee crispiness.
However, even if you weren’t looking for a crispy coating (i.e just baking chicken pieces in the regular way), we would recommend adding the sauce after cooking, or for the last 5 minutes of cooking only. Barbecue sauce has a lot of sugars in, which can burn and taste bitter if cooked for a long period or over too high a heat.


How do you get sauce to stick to chicken wings?

These baked wings have a crispy, craggy exterior, so the sauce will easily cling to the wings without sliding off.


Do I need to marinate the wings first?

Nope. We want the chicken skin to be dry so we can get it extra crispy.


Is there a vegetarian option?

These Baked Asian Cauliflower Wings are as good as this chicken version.
Bake the cauliflower in the same way, Serve with barbecue sauce.

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