Italian Dressing Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

When it is time for a salad, whether dining at a restaurant or at home, you are likely to consider tossing your greens with Italian dressing. This zesty American pantry staple is popular nationwide. It begins with Vinegar, Glucose syrup, Sugar, Salt, Spice, then builds flavor.

Italian dressing tends to be lower in calories and fat free dressings, so if you are working on maintaining or losing weight, it can be a better choice than some alternatives. However, it also has its nutritional drawbacks.

Italian Dressing Nutrition Facts

The following nutrition information, for 1 tablespoons (30g) of Italian dressing.

Calories: 19.88

Fat: 0 g

Sodium: 91mg

Sugars: 4.63g

Health Benefits

Italian dressing is a versatile option that works as both a marinade and a dressing for salads, meats, and vegetables. Plus, the ingredients in Italian dressing could provide some potential health benefits. Here is what you need to know.

May Be Heart Healthy

Not all Italian dressings are created equal when it comes to their benefits for your heart, it is fat free so it is good heart disease.3

May Be Lower-Calorie Alternative to Creamy Dressings

Want to spice up your salad but don’t want to derail your weight loss efforts? Italian dressing makes a smarter choice than many other higher-calorie options. Though a significant amount of its calories come from fat, it is still typically lower in calories than cream-based dressings like ranch, thousand island.

Adds Flavor to Other Foods

While Italian dressing may not itself be the king of healthy foods, it has a secret advantage—it may help you to eat good-for-you menu items like salads or vegetables. If you are not a fan of unadorned vegetables, a spritz of flavorful Italian might make you more inclined to gobble them down.

May Be Suitable for a Zero-Fat Diet

Italian dressing works well for those on a zero-fat eating plan.

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